Call Sandman Floors for all your flooring needs, from sports floor installations and refinishing to custom floor installations and refinishing of the floors  in your home.


We provide a variety of services for you. No job too small! All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will match any competitors' offer.

Service List

Sand and Refinish w/Natural Finish  ( 4 coats)              
Sand and Refinish w/Stain                                             
Screen and Coat (2 coats polyurethane)                                                       Refinish stair treads and risers                                      

443-804-5437 Cell    

  • Sanding and Refinishing
  • Water base polyurethanes
  • Screen and Coat
  • Minwax Stains
  • Street Shoe and Emulsion Polyurethane
  • Stair Refinishing 

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Do you have a stair case that is carpeted and the actual steps beneath are not oak, but plywood or a construction grade pine? We can install new treads and risers to go over top of your existing stairs! The below pictures show a before and after of plywood steps and risers. We cut down the nosings of the existing treads and installed new treads and risers and then sanded and finished them with an Early American stain by Minwax.

When you secure our services to take care of all your flooring needs you may be curious as to what happens the first day of work.

     We will arrive at your home at 8:30 am unless other plans have been made. All furniture and wall hangings should be removed from all rooms that are being refinished. Plastic will be hung in doorways leading to parts of the house that are not being refinished. Kitchen cabinets should be covered prior to our arrival and water hook up to refrigerator must be shut off.

      If you have furniture that is too heavy for you to move, we can help. Cold air returns should be covered and the temperature in the home should be in the 70-72 degrees for best results when applying the floor finish.

      Arrangements should be made for pets to be kept in a part of the house that is not being worked on. If work is going to be more than a few days, you may want to have someone watch them for the duration of the refinishing or installation process. Pets that have access to area that is being worked on can track wet foot prints or slobber or worse case scenario, urinate on the floor. Water marks that go undetected during sanding will show up AFTER stain or polyurethane is applied. It is very important not to track any water onto floors during sanding or finishing process.

      Floors should be accessible to walk on after hours throughout the process. Once floors have been stained 4-8 hours dry time is necessary. Floors may be walked on with socks. Once the finish coat of polyurethane has been applied, floors may be walked on with socks in 2 hours. FLOORS ARE VERY EASY TO SCUFF DURING THE FIRST 48 HOURS! FURNITURE CAN BE RETURNED TO ROOMS AFTER 24 HOURS. DO NOT SLIDE ANY FURNITURE ACROSS YOUR FRESHLY FINISHED FLOORS. THEY WILL SHOW THE MARKS FROM SLIDING.

      Carpeting should not be put back for 7-14 days depending on what finish has been applied.

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