Sandman Snapshots

We will periodically display some of our sanding and refinishing projects along with any custom floor installations that we tackle. Below you will find some different projects that we have worked on and the end result of each. If you find any of these situations are similar to what you may have in mind, give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities of getting it done for you! All estimates are FREE and will only cost you a few minutes of your time.

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Walnut Bordered Oak Floor

                  Here is an option for any room in your house. Below, #1 Red Oak Common 2 1/4" wide accompanied with a 2 1/4" wide Walnut Feature strip is a great addition to this kitchen and dining room area of this home.  Inside of the bordered area we used 3 1/4" red oak flooring which was installed on a diagonal. The outside of the border 2 1/4" wide red oak flooring was used.

                  The original floor was a ceramic tile floor which was removed throughout the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and washroom. After removal there was a height difference between the existing family room floor and the kitchen floor. A 3/4" walnut strip reducer was installed on the edge of the kitchen floor for a nice transition between the two rooms

                  All rooms were sanded and finished with 5 coats of Emulsion Semi Gloss water based polyurethane. Normally four coats are sufficient but being a high traffic area, the homeowner elected to go for an additional coat.

(Click on pictures for larger images)

Double Walnut Border in Bedroom and Sitting Room

                        The same house as above, we installed borders in the master bedroom and sitting room. A 3/4" wide double walnut border was installed with #1 Common Red Oak 2 1/4" ( to match the other flooring in the home) wide strip flooring making up the inside portion of the walnut. Five coats of Emulsion water-base polyurethane was applied after sanding. (You should always try to match the existing flooring with the same grade).

Carpet Removal Over Severely Neglected Oak Hardwood Floors

If you have floors in this condition, don't cover them up yet....Give us a call and let us take a look and see what we can do! You may be surprised at the results as this homeowner was!

The below photos are of a pair of rooms that were recently refinished by our company. The rooms were covered by carpet in a 60 year old home. The homeowner was unaware of what was under the carpet until we removed it. The dining room was in worse shape then the living room as you can see. Both floors were severely neglected by previous homeowners and thus covered up by carpet.

After the carpet removal the floors were sanded and refinished with a coat of Golden Pecan stain by Minwax and four coats of Emulsion water base polyurethane.

(Click on pictures for larger images)

Stair Installation and Engineered Flooring Installed
(Engineered Flooring installed over concrete)

     Carpeting was removed from the stairs which exposed plywood stair treads. The nosing of each step was removed back to the riser of each step to make room for the new stair tread. Oak treads and risers were installed on each step. A one inch decorative oak strip was installed underneath each stair tread to cover the existing plywood stair tread. On the landing areas, oak nosing was installed in combination with 2 1/4" x 3/4"  select red oak flooring. The stairs were sanded and stained with Minwax Early American stain and 5 coats of satin Emulsion Waterbase polyurethane.

     In the basement the wall to wall carpet and tack strips were removed from atop the concrete floor. We chose 3/8" Prefinished Bamboo Engineered floor to compliment the Early American stain on the stairs.The flooring was installed over top an underlayment which provides as a moisture barrier and cushion for the flooring. (Carpeting provided by homeowner)

(Click on pictures below for larger images)

Floor Refinishing after Carpet and Padding Removal

         This was a project that required a bit of patience and perseverance. The carpet covering these particular floors had been down for a very long period of time. I'm guessing 40 years. The carpet padding, originally the rubber padding, was actually ground down so much that it was stuck to the hardwood floors underneath. A few rooms required extensive sanding of the rubber backing to remove it. Other rooms had to be hand scraped to remove the padding. Below are some pictures that we snapped as we progressed during the job.

(Click on pictures for larger images)

Heart Pine Floor Refinished w/painted Perimeter

During the 1940's and earlier, people turned to painting their hardwood floors when they needed sprucing up. Most of the time the perimeter of the floor was painted around the existing carpet. Below are a few before and after photos of a room which the perimeter was painted a few times. There were a few different colors underneath the top coat of rust which had to removed by three different grits of sandpaper. If you have rooms like this in your home and would like us to take a look at them before you cover them, give us a call at 410-515-7676 or 443-804-5437.

(Click on pictures for larger images)

Installation of 3" Clear Grade Brazilian Cherry
Carpet was removed from this bedroom in preparation for the installation of 3" Clear Grade Brazilian Cherry. This exotic choice of hardwood is ever increasing in popularity due to its gorgeous finished look and extremely hard surface, about twice as hard and dense as your typical Northern Red Oak flooring. Looks great in all areas of your home and can also be installed over your existing stairs to compliment your Brazilian Cherry floors. This particular floor was sanded and finished with five coats of Hydroline Plus water base finish from Basic Coatings, a great choice for high traffic commercial areas as well as residential wear and tear. One of the best premium finishes on the market today.

 Maple Stair Treads and Risers Installed

      Carpet was removed from this stair case, with Maple treads and risers to be installed. The stair landings have pre-finished Maple flooring that was installed in the living room and dining room area. The pictures below reflect the stair case after the carpet and padding was removed. Stairs were finished with five coats of Minwax waterbased semi gloss polyurethane.

Wall Removed

      This home had two small rooms where the existing wall was removed to make one larger room. The empty space where the wall stood needed flooring fingered in to match the existing hardwood floor.
Below are the pictures of the repair in progress.

Painted Floors

Below you will see a before and after picture of an apartment complex we are sanding and refinishing. These floors had been covered with several coats of over spray painting. Carpeting was removed and this is what was underneath the carpeting. The before picture looks like a floor that is ready to have flooring installed over top of it. The results were great as you can see.

Kitchen Ceramic Tile Removal and Flooring Installation

    Recently we took on a Ceramic Tile removal project in the kitchen and breakfast area. We removed 500 square feet of tile. Red oak flooring was installed in place of the tile and tied into the family room. After the floors were installed, all rooms were sanded and stained with Minwax Early American stain. As you can see in the pictures below you cannot determine where the new floors meet the old floors as it is a perfect match. Four coats of Emulsion Waterbase polyurethane was applied. 

Reclaimed Heart Pine Installation
     Reclaimed Heart Pine was used in this particular project. The upstairs hall and Master Bedroom was the focus for the installation. All the old carpet and tack strips were taken up and the unfinished Heart Pine was installed, sanded and finished with 4 coats of Emulsion Waterbased polyurethane. Also new Heart Pine treads were installed along with painted risers. Below you will find some finished product pictures.
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