Refinished Floor Care

Floor Maintenance

Hardwood floors will last forever with proper care. Sandman Floors  uses the most advanced floor finish, so your hardwood floors are virtually maintenance free. Regular cleaning of your hardwood flooring helps keep floors free of dirt, grit, food crumbs and dust, which are potentially damaging to wood floors. Below are a few important tips to help insure long lasting, brilliant floors.

  • Wood floors should be cleaned once every one to two weeks.
  • Remove wet spills promptly using a soft cotton cloth.
  • Never damp mop a wood floor.(A floor Shark or similar floor cleaner is ok to use...just make sure it has heated up to the point that steam is being released from the machine)
  • Do not use wax, oil soap, vinegar or other household cleaners on your hardwood flooring. These products can dull the finish and make future cleaning and re-coating difficult.
Sandman Floors highly recommends using professional wood floor cleaning products such as BonaKemi floor care and cleaning
 products. This product is available at Lowes or Home Depot and many local grocery stores.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your hardwood floor and helping it look great for a lifetime of enjoyment. Follow these important tips:

  • Use mats or throw rugs at entrances and heavy traffic areas.
  • Avoid rubber-backed or other non-ventilated rugs.
  • Install "EZ-Glide" protectors on feet of furniture. Never slide furniture across flooring.
  • Avoid walking on the floors with damaged heeled high heels or cleats.
  • Regularly trim your pet's claws.
  • Use a humidifier in the winter months. (This will help decrease the expansion and contraction of your floors.)
  • Sandman Floors recommends recoating your wood floors every 3-5 years or when signs of wear are evident. Recoating should be done when your floor begins to show wear. A recoat will quickly rejuvenate the floors resilience.
Refinishing your wood floor is recommended when floors show high wear patterns.

Newly Finished Floor Care

The following is recommended care for your newly finished floor.

Wait 4 to 6 hours before walking on wood floors with stocking feet. After 24 hours you may walk on the floor with soft sole shoes.

Your floors are VERY easily scuffed within the first 48 hours.

  • Wait 4 to 6 hours before walking on wood floors with stocking feet. After 24 hours you may walk on the floor with soft sole shoes.
  • Allow 24-48 hours if possible before moving furniture back on hardwood flooring. Install EZ-Glide protectors on feet of furniture. Do not drag furniture or appliances on flooring.
  • Allow at least 48 hours before allowing pets on the hardwood flooring.
  • Area rugs may be placed on hardwood flooring after 7 days. (Floors are usually fully cured withing 7 days)
Avoid cleaning your wood floors with anything but water for 14 days.
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