Installation & Sanding Procedures
During the installation process there are several steps involved. We will go over them so you will be familiar with what to expect as work progresses.

Flooring Delivery

a. We will contact you and set up a time for the flooring to be delivered to your home.  The wood must sit in your home 1-3 days before it is installed. It cannot sit in the garage or any outside shed. It must acclimate to temperature and humidity inside where it is to be installed.
b. Flooring must be paid for at time of delivery or before. Any wood not paid for at that time will not be delivered.
c. Pets--If you have any pets that may be disrupted by our presence, you may want to find a home for him or her until our work has been completed.

Installation begins

a. All furniture must be removed from all rooms where flooring is being installed. If this is not possible, we can discuss this beforehand and make arrangements on how the install will take place. We will seal off any rooms to contain the dust as best we can, to the working areas. Please be advised that this will not be a dust free environment and a small amount of dust will find its way to other parts of your home.

Sanding and Finishing of Flooring

a. Sanding and refinishing of your newly installed wood flooring is the next step in the process.
b. After the floor sanding is complete and floors have been vacuumed and tacked, the next step is to apply stain or polyurethane. Stain application requires you to stay off the floor for at least 6-12 hours after it has been applied. If need be, you may walk on in socks. Darker stains usually require more dry time than lighter stains. White requires 72 hours.
c. Polyurethane application--floors can be walked on any time after we leave for the day unless otherwise instructed. Usually two coats are applied per day depending on drying conditions.
d. Furniture can be put back after 24 hours, being careful not to slide any furniture across the floor. Place furniture, don't slide. Carpets should not be put back for 7-10 days.

 Do not clean freshly finished floors with any solution except water for the first 14 days.
NO CLEANERS for 14 days!

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