Oak Floor Grading
Red Oak and White Oak Floor Grading

There are typically four different grades of red oak and white oak flooring.:

Clear Grade
Select Grade
#1 Common
 #2 Common

     The grades normally found installed and finished in your home are the Select and #1 Common Grades although on occasion you will find either of the other two grades. White oak is a little harder than red oak but both species are very durable for everyday flooring. Each will stand up to wear and tear for as long as one hundred years or more providing they receive the proper care along the way.     
Clear Grade flooring is the best grade along with being the most expensive

 Select Grade is typically found in homes, sometimes used as an upgraded flooring.

No 1 Common Grade is also found abundantly in homes.

No 2 Common or Cabin Grade is not a typical choice in homes unless character is desired.
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