ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition

THANK YOU from Boys Hope Girls Hope 

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Dear Cuddy Wolf,                                                                  

How can Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore say thank you enough?  Words cannot describe what we felt when volunteer after volunteer came to help throughout the week.  You were eager to do anything that was asked of you, no matter how dirty, how tedious, how rushed, or how monotonous.   The plans changed by the hour yet each of you made the best of it, changed direction on a dime, and went beyond the call of duty ... and a beautiful home was created for derserving young girls!


We are excited about the future.  Although the "Extreme Home Makeover" build was a vital part of us getting the girls home started, this is just the beginning of many great things that will be happening over the next few years and beyond.  By joining us that week to transform a vacant lot into a nurturing home for young girls, you demonstrated your commitment and dedication to Baltimore youth.  


That's what we're all about at Boys Hope Girls Hope.  We believe in our youth!  We believe in their ability to overcome circumstances.  We believe in their ability to exceed even their boldest dreams; and we believe that with a good home and a quality education, we can empower these girls to reach their full potential.   With all the help from ABC Extreme Home Makeover and you--this home will serve as a foundation for their future success! 


A sincere thank you from each one of us at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore for making this possible! 

Gratefully yours,


Marcia Meehan

Executive Director

          Sandman Floors was called upon by ABC to take part in the 7,000 sq ft flooring installation of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover--Baltimore, in July 2010. We also spent several days assisting in any way they needed to complete the new home for the Girls Hope of Baltimore. ABC was pretty strict in the fact that no pictures were to be taken on site. Ty Pennington was seen on several occasions as were Paul and Jillian. There was absolute craziness trying to get the work completed on time. A passing thunderstorm pushed back construction two days as it dumped an inch or so of rain on an uncovered house. The roof was just about to be put in place when the rains let loose, ruining almost all of the drywall that was just hung.  They began work on the house on a Thursday and "moved that bus" the following Sunday night. Just short of 9 days to build an 11,000 square foot home is positively mind boggling, but they did it! 

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